Part 9 – Start of Recovery

So – I managed my 5km Park RUN, yep somehow managed to run the lot whole way, which was a huge surprise! (Thanks to Sarah for running with me and keeping an eye I didn’t collapse in a bush somewhere!)

24min 54s was far and away way way better than I anticipated. I felt tired after but not much worse than when I’d completely park runs previously! I really was so surprised I was able to do as well as I did and it’s really motivated me as a result, clearly my body wasn’t in as bad a shame as I anticipated, however I think the huge relief to be out and running again may have given me much needed adrenaline and aided my run. The idea of doing the park run was to set a benchmark for my current fitness so I can work from this ‘base’ level of fitness. I kind of anticipated doing the run in 35mins-ish and therefore having a 30/25 min target as something to work towards…I guess that needs to change unless I want to hit the doughnuts hard and slow myself down!

Targets for the end of this year I’ll be aiming for;

Sub 19 minute 5km

Sub 42 minute 10km

Yep, faster than I’ve run before. Ambitious, maybe unrealistic but I think with sufficient conditioning and time spent working on fitness I think its achievable. Targets shouldn’t be easy to achieve after all!

We shall see!

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